Newly qualified Andrea from Spain moved to Norway and found work


Andrea from Spain (24) had just qualified as a nurse but didn’t have any work, when a friend of hers mentioned Accurate Care in Norway. Now they both live together in As, speak Norwegian and work in a nursing home.

Accurate Care is specialised in being able to offer qualified health professionals from Spain into the Norwegian health system. When her friend saw the recruitment ad, the chances of finding work within the health sector were remote. A few days after they responded to the ad, they had their first interview via Skype. 

Language course, flights, and accommodation.
The next few months consisted of attending a Norwegian course before having a secondary interview with Accurate Care, this time in Madrid, Just two days after the interview I got a former job offer and I began to plan seriously for the move to Norway explains Andrea.

The climate was better than expected.
There’s often a certain anxiety when moving abroad, especially when the climate is so different. Andrea found both the weather and temperature was better than she expected, but she quickly realised that Norwegians and the Spaniards use their free time in quite different ways.

In Spain we’re often out with our friends for a meal or a good coffee, Norwegians tend to eat dinner at home and go out far less.

When we got here in April it was of course colder than Spain but the summer in As was much better than I expected. We took after the locals and enjoyed the summer months as much as possible, barbecued on the beach and even went for a swim..

Lives with other Spaniards
Fitting in in a new place with a different language can be a challenge, but with good colleagues around you it’s amazing how well its gone says Andrea.

I live with other Spanish nurses and really enjoy it. It’s way different than where I come from, both As and Norway generally speaking, so its comforting to live with others in the same situation.

When I started I had many varied assignments. Unknown places and new people made for an exciting and at times demanding time. Even though I’d studied Norwegian, its not easy speaking Norwegian all the time, but slowly but surely I became more confident in the language which led to me enjoying my time at work more says Andrea with a smile.

When you really get to grips with the language, it also means that its easier to get more work, for example she now has a full time position working shifts for the next six months.

Helping with change and moving
She thinks that As is a good place to start out in Norway, but is considering moving later.

If you want to move, Accurate Care help you with the move and finding new work. We also get to access to cars to help with the move or when we need to pick each other up from the airport when we’ve been away she explains.

Hopefully I can move to Oslo and live with someone I live with now, that would be great she says.